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Rescue Reboot


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Nurturing New Beginnings for Canine Companions

Welcome to our enchanting "Rescue Reboot: Nurturing New Beginnings for Canine Companions" course at Pawseidon Training Hub! This heart-warming journey invites you to embrace the magic of adopting a rescue dog, providing them with the love and support they need to thrive. As you open your heart and home to these pawsome souls, we'll be by your side every step of the way.

Adopting a rescue dog is an act of compassion that deserves celebration. Our mission is to make this journey as smooth and rewarding as possible. With our heartfelt approach, we ensure your new furry family member receives the care and understanding they deserve.

Your remarkable adventure begins with a touching in-person introductory session, spanning up to 4 hours, where we will bond and set the stage for a joyful future together. To address any unique challenges or concerns, we offer a personal troubleshooting session, tailored to your specific situation.

Throughout the course and beyond, we provide a treasure trove of resources and support materials. Count on us for unwavering support through email, telephone, and online channels. Your rescue dog's triumphs are our triumphs, and we will be there to celebrate each milestone.

No distance can hinder our dedication – our love knows no bounds. We happily extend our services within 20 miles of Poole, Dorset, to ensure every paw receives the care and attention they need.

As an exclusive treat, you'll receive a discount on future behaviour consultation and training sessions, solidifying your rescue dog's newfound happiness and success.

Join us on this life-changing adventure of "Rescue Reboot: Nurturing New Beginnings for Canine Companions." Together, we'll create a future filled with cherished memories and an unbreakable bond.

Let Pawseidon Training Hub be the guiding light for your rescue dog's bright and beautiful journey. Enquire now and let the paw-some transformation begin!

Up to 4 hours AM or PM: £120

Contact us: 
Email: hello@pk9t.co.uk
Tel: 01202 929518


International Society of Animal Professionals (ISAP)

Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training (CIDBT)