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K9 Training Follow Up Session


We offer a choice of dog training courses suited to all levels of dog.

Contact us: 

Email:  hello@pk9t.co.uk

Tel:  01202 929518

Unleash the full potential of your beloved dog with our personalized one-to-one training sessions in our dedicated training suite, at your own home or your local park!

This session is a follow up from our initial consultation to discover the joy of a deeper connection as you and your dog embark on a journey together, unlocking their true potential and yours. Each session is tailored to your individual needs and we will focus on your specific training goals and what you is required for you and your best friend to enjoy a happy life together.

Join us now and watch your canine companion thrive like never before!

Session time: up to 1 hour - £60.00

Contact us: 
Email: hello@pk9t.co.uk
Tel: 01202 929518