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Tail-Wagging Fun for Your Little One!

Inspired by our Chief Mischief Officer, Stormi, we're thrilled to introduce Stormi's Puppy Paw-sitivity Playdates – an enchanting opportunity for your young pup to learn, grow, and socialise in a playful and safe environment.

What to Expect:

🐾 Small Group Sessions: Limited to a maximum of three puppies per session, ensuring personalised attention and a cozy, stress-free atmosphere.

🎓 Expert Guidance: Our experienced trainers will lead the way, teaching valuable skills and socialising your pup with others of the same age.

🐶 Learning Through Play: Through interactive play and positive reinforcement, we'll nurture essential behaviors and build strong foundations for a well-adjusted adult dog.

Puppy Playdate Details:

💰 Affordable: Only £10 per slot, making quality puppy socialisation and training accessible to all.

🐕 Age-Appropriate Fun: Designed for puppies at a similar stage in their development, promoting healthy interactions and friendships.

🏡 Comfortable Setting: Held in a safe and controlled environment, ensuring your pup feels secure and relaxed. 

Give your furry family member the gift of Stormi's Puppy Paw-sitivity Playdates – where fun meets learning and socialising is an adventure! 🐾🌟

Book your slot today and let your pup embark on a journey of growth, confidence, and joyful connections. It's a paw-some opportunity you won't want to miss! 

1 hour time slots for owners to book online at the cost of £10 per slot - max 3 people at one time.

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday for now!


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