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My Story


In December 2013, in Afghanistan, James was involved in a firefight at close range and suffered seven gunshot wounds, leading to numerous life-altering physical impairments, including drop foot due to a transection of the sciatic nerve.

James underwent emergency surgeries in Afghanistan and was evacuated for further treatment, eventually being transferred to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

Though James’ military career was unexpectedly cut short, he persevered through extensive rehabilitation, both physically and psychologically. However, alongside adjusting to his own life-altering changes, he also faced the loss of his loyal companion, Rocco, in the same incident. Serving in the military, James had recognised a gap in rehabilitation services for small animals.

Driven by this realisation, he embarked on thorough research, sought the best practices, and completed rigorous courses to establish a business on K9 Training & Rehabilitation, exclusively for dogs.

Furthermore, James dedicated himself to education in animal behaviour and training. He pursued studies with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training and is currently undertaking a Level 5 Compass Education program in Advanced Diploma Applied Animal Behaviour (Canine). These qualifications have enriched his expertise and passion for helping dogs on their journey to recovery and well-being.